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by We All Break

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The break (kase in Haitian Creole) in the Port-Au-Prince style of Vodou drumming is a musical device in which the lead drummer initiates an abrupt shift in the music emphasizing a polyrhythmic relation to the established time feel. In the kase, the lead drummer improvises dazzling and powerful variations to disorienting effect.

In the context of a Vodou ceremony the break enables the lwa to push aside the participant’s consciousness in order to gain possession of the body, allowing others present to benefit from contact with the lwa in corporeal form.

The break has an analogue in tension-generating polyrhythmic techniques of jazz and “creative” music originating in the USA. Indeed, it seems a plausible origin of polyrhythmic, multi-directional and conversational interactions of the innovative musicians of the 1960s, although with a concentrated spiritual intent.

You can’t say ahead of time when the kase—the break—is coming, what it’s going to sound like, how long it will last. But it should be exactly what’s needed at that moment. So it goes, ideally, with any improvisation. Thus, the break is where these four distinct musical personalities intersect.


released February 3, 2017

Matt Mitchell--piano
Daniel Brevil--Rada and Petwo tanbou, lead and chorus vocals
Markus Schwartz--Rada and Petwo tanbou, lead and chorus vocals
Ches Smith--drums, kata, chorus vocals

recorded and mixed by Ron Saint Germain:
tracked at Sear Sound, NYC; mixed at Saint's Place, Kinnelon, NJ
Mastered by Joe Gastwirt

Cover design by Mylinh Trieu Nguyen
Photos by Wes Orshoski

This album was made possible by support from The Shifting Foundation.



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Track Name: Reds
Anye Lèmiso, Anye Lèmiso, Papa Ogou Lèmiso, Anye Lèmiso

Laba Laba Laba Laba'e, gege, ege ege'o

Abobo ye, abobo ye, abobo ye, abobo pou lèsen yo
Track Name: Dagger
Twa Kalfou lènmi bare mwen, Twa Kalfou Lenmi Barye mwen
Nan Simityè a, se la nap pare tann yo
Twa Kalfou lènmi barye mwen

Simbi Dlo'o yaye, Simbi Dlo'o yaye
Simbi poko konnen mwen
Andezo poko konnen mwen la,
Simbi Dlo'o yaye

Gad'o Gad'o, Gad'o Gad'o
Gad Anminan, Gad la move; Gad Anminan, Gad la move
anye, anye, Gad la move
Track Name: Six AM
Jije Jije, Jije rezon an m'pa janm wè koko teke mab
Jije'o m'pa janm wè koko teke mab
Jije Jije, Jije rezon an m'pa janm we koko met linet
Jije'o m'pa janm wè koko met linet

M'pa bezwen zanmi, sa pou'm fè zanmi (repeat)
ahah ahah! way way
se bon zanmi'm sa kap konnen madanm mwen

Swit swit swit swit kay lamèsi
way manman

Twa tibwa dòmi nan janm mwen, kat tibwa leve nan janm mwen
Twa tibwa dòmi nan janm mwen, kòlèt yoyo rache